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Az – Verde Valley Canyon Railway

here are some Instagram posts A post shared by Ainsley??????? (@gallus_ains) on Apr 5, 2015 at 2:31pm PDT Looking forward to catching up with family tomorrow in #newyork comparing#winetrain notes on #California #Napavalley vs #arizona #verdevalley A post shared by J ? ??????? (@gallus_jay) on Apr 8, 2015 at 11:59pm PDT   Drinking #wine! On […]

Az – Haunted Jerome Grand Hotel

Jerome Grand Hotel and Verde Valley time lapse View   we vsited Jerome twice this year once in April for our mini honey moon and then late ron in October for a music festival. Here are two time lapse videos from the grand balcony of the verde valley. Here are some older instagram photos from […]

Az – Jerome Caduceus Cellars Wine tasting & Bobby Dee’s

Blog coming soon

Nv – Jerome Az Road trip Minimoon

A timelapse video of our road drip from Las vegas Nevada to Jerome Arizona

Az – Grand Canyon

We have never felt so small and minute, like a spec of dust in space, thats how this place made us feel, Unbelievable. Our wedding party made the 5 hour journey from Las Vegas to the grand canyon’s west bank, it was an amazing road trip accross the hoover dam, landscape we encountered was not of […]

Nv – Hoover Dam – Az

Trip Blog soon as I get time. Gallery is in the header image

Nv – Las vegas strip gun club – stag doo

Post wedding stag doo at the strip gun club in Las Vegas! Scary Fun. #boysdayout #50cal #guns #stripgunclub A post shared by J ? ??????? (@gallus_jay) on Mar 31, 2015 at 1:29pm PDT #50cal A post shared by J ? ??????? (@gallus_jay) on Mar 31, 2015 at 4:16pm PDT Charlies angles! #gunclub @thestripgunclub A post […]

Nv – Valley of Fire Wedding

Welcome to Gallus Gallivants. This is officially our first ever Blog Post. Over the last four years we have traveled the world and captured as much of it as we could on 35mm film, digital photos and video.  We always had the idea to start a Travel Blog & Vlog but our timing was always […]

Nv – Las Vegas – Flying with Friends

So… we had planned to go away somewhere just by ourself but after a drunk night in The Raven (Glasgow’s best pub in our opinion) with our oldest friends we accidentally revealed our plans, we weren’t really given an option, they were coming and there was no way we would be stopping them! It was a […]

Paris in 48 hours – Our first Youtube Video Experience

    Ist the 13th of november 2015,  were sitting at home heads in our  hands, tears actually streaming down our cheeks, so many used hankies. The tv has been locked on france24 news for a good few hours now, were glued to twitter and facebook trying to find out whats happening,  one of our favourite […]

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